Gunwerks Lefty GLR Steel ClymR 7mm PRC 20" Carbon Lightweight Rifle


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Gunwerks Lefty GLR ClymR 7 PRC

This rifle is finished in Carbon Black & Tungsten, and is brand-new.


When it comes to rifles, light weight and long range capable usually don't belong in the same sentence. Traditional ultralight rifles have a lot going against them when it comes to features and capability to perform well in long range hunting applications. YET, the ClymR is exactly that. The ClymR stock is the lightest in the Gunwerks lineup. Like an Italian sports car, it's light, fast and extremely capable thanks to several key features and advanced technology.

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Manufacturer: Gunwerks
Caliber: 7 PRC
Barrel Length: 20" + Directional Brake
Stock Finish: Carbon black
Metal Finish: Tungsten
Weight: 6lb 9oz

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