Gunwerks Handloaded Ammunition 6.5-285 NORMA 140gr VLD


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This is Factory new ammo from Gunwerks! Contact us for discounts on multiple boxes! 


Cartidge: 6.5-284 NORMA

Bullet Maker: Berger

Bullet Type: VLD

Bullet gr: 140gr

COAL: 3.09

BC G7: .313


From Gunwerks: 

Gunwerks ammunition is designed to yield top performance at long range. The VLD or BTHP design bullet has become very popular for long range hunting due to its unique terminal performance characteristics. The small meplat and copper nose exhibit a delayed expansion reaction allowing the bullet to penetrate several inches before expanding. With a simple copper jacket and lead core, once the bullet starts expanding, it really comes apart, creating massive wound cavities and devastating performance.

From bullets to powder and primers, every component and specification has been carefully selected to provide the ultimate performance for long range hunting ammunition. It is hand loaded one cartridge at a time with meticulous inspection and quality control. With a proper understanding of external and internal ballistics, our engineers have been able to increase downrange performance for all cartridges while keeping recoil at a minimum.

This ammo is designed specifically for Gunwerks rifles; however, it can perform very well in other rifles. Our ammo is loaded longer than most factory ammo, meaning cartridges may not fit in some factory box magazines. See COAL measurement to confirm fit with your rifle.

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